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Only outdoors folks will recognize what we're talking about when we bring up the yearning that many of us have to explore the great outdoors. Regardless of whether you're camping, hiking, hunting, or participating in the litany of other activities that take place outside, those of you who share our interest in being in the wild will be familiar with the feeling. Whether you live in a place with verdant woods or snowy mountains, lush forests or strikingly bare deserts, the outdoorsmen and women who're reading this will share in the familiar sensation of vibrancy and vigor that being in nature often provides - almost like it nourishes the soul.

Well, here at The Long and Winding Trail, we want to help those of you who share our passion, and also encourage more people to take advantage of the nature that surrounds them. Going on trips into the wild is something that everyone should be encouraged to do, equally, every person should be familiar with the range of gear that they should have with them when they do so. On this site, we hope to help you decide exactly what gear you need, and to separate the quality outdoor products from the rest. We believe businesses should have a strong incentive to only put out high quality gear - this is doubly true when we're talking about outdoor equipment that could have a huge impact on the safety of the person using it. In order to help people looking for outdoor gear make good decisions, and also to encourage companies to put an emphasis on quality, we will produce a range of buying guides for all sorts of different outdoor equipment as well as write individual reviews of useful outdoor products.

In addition, we produced an informative and in depth resource on binoculars. While binoculars aren't an absolutely necessary piece of outdoors gear, we do think that having a good pair of binoculars can enhance the experience tremendously. Obviously binoculars are essential for birdwatchers, but they can also be useful for hunting (best binoculars for hunting), for star-gazing in the evening, or just for taking in a particularly splendid view in greater detail. You may not think you need a pair of binoculars, but you'll definitely be glad to have them the first time you take them camping and use them to really get a proper look at the magnificence of the stars in the night sky.

nitecore tm26 review

Binocular reviews can quickly devolve into a long list of indecipherable features and specs - here at the Long and Winding Trail we've tried our best to write our binocular reviews in a way that the average consumer can understand them fully. While the specs of a pair of binoculars are undoubtedly important, we reckon most consumers don't particularly care if a pair of binoculars are porro prism or roof prism, or if the lenses are coated with one material or another - what buyers do care about is actual performance in the field. For this reason, we've tried to minimize the technical discussion and instead we attempt to give our readers straightforward recommendations based on their specific needs. To take a look at which binocular models we've written reviews for, check out our binoculars review page here.

We've also got a very detailed buying guide on flashlights that explains some of the complicated terminology surrounding what you'd think would be a pretty simple product. In this guide, you'll learn exactly how to evaluate the different flashlights available on the market - we also give recommendations on the top flashlights in a bunch of useful categories. Having a good, consistent, reliable source of light is crucially important for overnight or prolonged trips outdoors, and we tried our best to help you decide exactly which flashlight you should entrust this duty to.

nitecore tm26 review

We also put together a series of comprehensive reviews of individual flashlight models like the Fenix LD22 review and Nitecore tm26 review (and we're constantly examining and reviewing more potential options). Each review has detailed information about the specs of a flashlight, but we try not to get bogged down in the minutia - instead, we try to give our readers the specific information they're probably looking for - we always try to clearly state whether or not we think a particular flashlight model is good, and whom we think that flashlight would be suitable for. To check out our full range of flashlight reviews, click here.

Here, we've put together a pretty comprehensive buying guide for pocket knives - you can check that out here. There are so many options for pocket knives available on the market, and it can definitely be overwhelming and confusing for the average consumer to pick out a knife that will suit their needs - we think that our buying guide can help you to do just that. Also, since many outdoors enthusiasts learn to really appreciate the value of having a good utility knife at all times (not just when their on a hunt or a hike), we decided to not only cover knives suitable for the outdoors, but instead cover a wide range of knives that might be suitable for all different purposes.

If you're researching a specific brand or model of pocket knife, we also have a number of in depth, comprehensive reviews available for you to read. Our reviews list the specs of each pocket knife, along with our overall impressions, and we try to give specific, actionable advice on what kind of buyer each knife might be suitable for. We try not to get too technical in terms of the types of steel and the specific materials - we understand that consumers are often easily overwhelmed by industry lingo and don't know/don't care about the specific differences of, say, AUS-8 S30V steel - instead, we try to give you concrete information about whether or not the pocket knife is good, and exactly what type of buyer we'd recommend it to. To take a look at exactly which knives we've reviewed in detail, click here.

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